Lilly Inspired Mask

Lilly Inspire Masks will be released at 8:00 A.M EST Under the Mask Collection (10 Masks will be released each day Monday - Friday)

**If you miss out, do not stress, 10 will be released each day Monday - Friday at 8:00 A.M. EST until needs have been met or until this crazy time is over.

***We are not accepting specific pattern requests.  We will be sending a Lilly Inspired Mask and by ordering you understand that the Lilly Inspired patterns will be sent in random.  If you order more than one, we will send two different patterns.

****No more than 2 Lilly Inspired Masks per household.  If you order more than two, the other ones will be cancelled from your order.  Please share the love with others <3

*****Item in your cart are NOT reserved so make sure you checkout with your mask ASAP. If you decide to shop for more goodies afterwards, we will refund the difference in shipping, but don't miss out on your mask by letting it sit in your cart.

*****At this time, we are not making masks for children.  If you want one for your child, you may use the adult one and add a ribbon to the back to help it stay in place.  

*****BOWS ARE NOT INCLUDED.  THEY ARE OPTIONAL $3 each bow you want.  They will have an alligator clip so they can be removed.