Worthdays - January 2019

The next organization that we would like to raise awareness about is Worthdays.  A percentage of ALL proceeds from the month of January will go directly to Worthdays.

About Worthdays:

Worthdays is a 501(c)(3) organization in Virginia that celebrates the most important days in the life of those impacted by the child welfare system. Through the help of people in our community, birthday boxes are created that are customized for a specific child’s birthday with gifts, decorations and birthday snacks. Beyond the ‘things’ in the box, our goal is really to send the message to the child that they weren’t forgotten on the anniversary of their birth and that they are worthy of being celebrated. We celebrate other days like high school graduations from high school and holidays for children in foster care who otherwise would not be celebrated. Through this work, we make a concerted effort to eradicate the use of trash bags for youth in foster care which is nationally the most likely way that kids in foster care carry their belongings from place to place. Just in 2018 alone we provided over 350 duffel bags or luggage for kids in our local foster care system. We celebrated over 200 birthdays in 2018, helped celebrate 11 high school graduations and over 115 kids for the holidays!



 How you can help:

In recent years, Virginia has ranked as the state with the highest percentage of children aging out of foster care without permanency - meaning during their time in foster care the system was unable to safely reunify them with their parents or family members and was unable to place them with an adoptive family. This is why there are children and youth who have no one to celebrate them on important days. 


They have benefitted greatly from local groups and businesses that have hosted a drive or donated goods to them that they are often in need of. Examples of this include a young girls Bible study group who held a neighborhood drive for us to include toiletry products, a local church that did a Christmas giving drive to collect sports balls, art supplies and toiletries and a photography business that is donating sessions for those who bring items to benefit Worthdays. Local businesses celebrating big milestones such as their “birthday” of being open can use the opportunity to benefit Worthdays, too!  Items that they are often in need of include:

  • Gift cards to any big box store (including Amazon, Wal-mart, etc)

  • Toiletry products - particularly those used for boys/men and African American Hair care products

  • Makeup (all shades)/nail/lotion/fragrance body spray items

  • Amazon Fire tablets (or similar), headphones, ear buds, etc

  • Duffel bags/luggage/storage totes

  • We can always use motivational books (ones by sports stars are popular!)

  • Art supplies for teenagers

  • Comfy blankets

  • Full size lotions/fragrance sprays/nail supplies (no bubble bath please)


You can learn more by visiting www.worthdays.org if you are interested in more in-depth info!