Homecam: Month of Giving October & December 2017

The next organization that we would like to raise awareness about is Hopecam.  A percentage of ALL proceeds from the month of October & December will go directly to Hopecam.

About Hopecam:

Hopecam’s mission is to overcome the social isolation of children in treatment for cancer through the miracle of technology.  Among the first side effects experienced is isolation caused by impaired immune systems, fatigue, and sometimes the need to travel distances to find treatment.  At a time when the child needs the support of friends and family, they are alone.  The technology of web cameras and the internet makes it possible for these children to see and talk with their friends, family and classmates. 

Hopecam gives children with cancer tablet computers equipped with web cameras, provides internet access to families without (over 50% of the children helped by Hopecam are unable to afford internet services), then works with the child’s school to facilitate a regular Skype connection with the child. Hopecam also provides the schools with hardware they need – typically webcams plus template permission forms and age-appropriate materials so students can learn about cancer. All of Hopecam’s services are provided free to the child, family and school.

70% of the children helped by Hopecam attend Title 1 eligible schools. All Hopecam kids are in treatment for cancer or other life-threatening diseases that prevent their attending school on a regular basis.  The children are in grades Pre-K through 12 with the majority being in Pre-K through 5th grade--sadly, the ages at which pediatric cancer occurs more frequently

How you can help:

Be sure to check their Facebook page out for more information on the latest programs, events and ways they are connecting with the community.